Monday, June 9, 2014


We're on the road to recovery this week.

Last week was the performance week of the play I wrote and directed, which meant that every night, my wife and I and our two oldest girls were gone from about 5:00 to 9:00.  That also meant that every night, my two littlest girls were with my parents for the same amount of time.  My wife only gets off work at 4:00, so I want you to imagine what that was like for a moment.

Exactly. It was more than a little mayhem. It meant our kids stayed up late, we saw them very little, our meals were sporadic, and our house was mostly messy all week.

We paid for that this weekend when our out-of-sync three year old had meltdowns from about 11:00 pm to 1:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights. She's not good with change and likes a routine.

We knew the week would be stressful, but let's just say that by yesterday morning, we were exhausted.

Then, we found out that our Sunday School class we normally attend at our church was going to be cancelled. We could have gone to another class, or...  I mean, for once, none of the kids were sick, so they could all go to their classes, which meant that... now hold on to your hats for a minute... a guilt-free coffee date for me and my wife. Oh, this sounds really bad as I write it, to use Sunday School as a means of baby-sitting, but we're Christians, right?  We bask in the grace and shy away from the judgment!  It wasn't a personal thing to the church or anything like that. We love our church! We were just grateful for a little break where we didn't have to worry about kids, think about anything deeply, or focus on something. Just coffee and my wife (my two favorite things).

This is sort of how we feel.

Today marks the beginning of normalcy again. Thankfully, the show went well and people seemed to like it. The actors did their best, we had a lot of help from good people. Theatre brings people together like nothing else, and we're glad we did it!

And... we're glad that a slower pace is on the way...


  1. So glad it went well and that now it is over. The best thing about a play is that it does end and normalcy does comes back into our homes..

  2. All of our children would probably agree.