Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Was In A College Band...Once.

I was in a band once, in college.

It was an alternative rock band. We did some covers, I wrote the songs, and played at various places. I miss it sometimes - the performing, yes, but also the practicing. Working on songs with other musicians, working out the arrangements, creative brainstorming with like-minded people - these were the most rewarding aspects of having a band, in my opinion. 

Our name was Trapping Daniel for a time before we changed to Godcent (or was it Godsent?) (or Godscent?) To be honest, I don't remember, but I do remember that we were mentioned (very briefly - the name of our band) in some U.S. News & World Reports article on how our college attracts high school students (even had some senior girls who wanted to meet me! I thought it was cool at the time.)  

I tried to pursue getting a record contract and all that, but it was difficult for band members to commit the time needed to do it. Most wanted to be, as I saw it, boring, and do boring things. Unfortunately, one or two committed band members isn't usually enough. Everyone's got to be all in.

So, just like with many things in life, that dream fizzled out. Which is okay. I love writing stories even more than writing songs, and if I had been even moderately successful in the music business, I may not have figured that out. And frankly, my whole life would have probably been on a different trajectory. (But would I have ended up in the same place anyway? Did anyone see that film Sliding Doors? I didn't love it... or see it, but I read the back cover. It's kind of interesting to think about.) 


I still like to write songs and play and sing, and occasionally I bring out the old guitar when the mood strikes, but it's not the same as back in the day. 

Unfortunately, this is where she spends most of her time - in a corner

Then, my wife's sometimes bugging me to try to start another band, or even learn to play old hymns so that we can teach them to the kids (okay, this one is more do-able and important and I should probably get on that). 

But there's just too many things to do, really. And she, of all people should know this. 

The first week we started dating, she missed me singing at a talent show while I was in law school because she had this little thing to go to at the theatre (okay, it was opening night and she was the stage manager. Whatever). 

So, life gets in the way of creative pursuits (heck, even other creative pursuits get in the way of creative pursuits). You have to choose what you do sometimes, especially if you have four kids


  1. great post. I can relate. You do have an option however. You could join our worship team and "hobnob" with some local musicians - if you can "find the time". lol

  2. Time... the one thing that is universally lost, since no one can seem to find it. Thanks for letting me know... perhaps if I ever find it, I will take you up on the offer.