The Cry of Kilhaven

No one has seen a beast in over a hundred years. Some people don’t believe they still exist. So when several hunters fail to return to the village on time, it seems harmless enough. That is until an old man appears at the gate bearing one of the missing men – half-dead.

What happened to the others? What is going to happen next?

With the help of the stranger, that is what Jarvis sets out to discover. First, he must find the lost diary of Kilhaven’s dead founder. In its pages may hold the key to the mystery. But when Jarvis is attacked by something in the village, he realizes just how deep and dangerous this mystery really is. Not only that, another village has stopped communicating with Kilhaven altogether. What is happening to Jarvis’s world? It already fell once. Will it fall again? Can he save it?

Racing against time, Jarvis digs through the past and present to find the truth behind what is happening. What he discovers is an unbelievable secret about the stranger and a terrifying one about the beasts, which could have disastrous consequences for him and his beloved Kilhaven. He will do anything to save his village proving that just because the world has ended once, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful and worth fighting for again. 

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