Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Personalities and Homeschooling

As our school year winds down to summer, I was thinking about our girls and how their different personalities really affect the way they do school...

The Dreamy Oldest - She likes to make up stories about little characters that she'll draw and write about. One particularly warm spring day, she said something to this effect: "The air is speaking to me to come out and play!" What this means is that she detests math problems (See this post about that), and will usually write interesting sentences for her grammar work. Her creative writing journals are a pretty fun read also.

The Skeptical Second Born - This one does NOT give anyone or anything the benefit of the doubt. She is untrusting of strangers (not a bad thing, I guess), and is prone to putting a negative motive for a person's actions.  As far as her schoolwork goes, I'll give you an example (and I so wish I had saved this particular worksheet):  She was working on place value, so the sheet had 3 or 4 squares with a certain number of dots in them (picture some dominoes). She had to write the number of the dots for each square. Well, in one square, there were no dots, and she was getting really mad trying to figure out how many were in that one. I asked her, "how many dots are in the square?" and she said (really frustrated, mind you), "I don't know! I mean, I can't see any! There could be two, or five, or seven! How am I supposed to know?!"  Thankfully, she eventually just trusted the sheet and went with zero.

The Strong-Willed Third Child - Strong-willed gets a bad rap, but it's not always a negative. I don't think I'll ever have to worry about someone trying to lure her to do anything or go somewhere, and she DEFINITELY doesn't let people push her around. However, being a strong-willed three year old will sometimes get you in big trouble with your parents. I haven't started teaching her anything formally, but let's just say that I'm hoping she just likes school, because if she doesn't, it'll be a hard 12 years of her life.

Picture was taken by my sister

The Baby - She's only one, so we're not really sure about her personality yet, but so far she's a charmer and a sweetie, unless, of course, you try to take that lego out of her mouth or the remote control out of her hand or give her medicine or hold her to get her to sleep or stop her from playing in the toilet or anything else she doesn't want - she goes BALLISTIC. 

This also was taken by my sister
Needless to say, it's always an adventure when you try to teach them.

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