Thursday, June 5, 2014

All Girls? Not a Problem!

Some people may say that having all girls can be difficult or problematic, but I've generally got an answer for all the Debbie Downers out there: 
  • Random Person: "Oh, wait until they're all teenagers!" (My response: I'll build myself my own bathroom.) 
  •  Random Person: "Just wait until the boys come around!" (My response: I will make sure they are too busy for a boyfriend - working, acting in plays, volunteering, whatever. That, and a shotgun, of course... just kidding!  Okay, not really.  Yes, I'm just kidding, your boys are safe, I promise! They're not.) 
  •  Random Person: "My goodness, paying for all those weddings!" (My response: We have a big backyard and I'll try to build a gazebo in the next 10 years and they can help. Wife will teach them to sew their own dresses. See the aforementioned "keeping busy".) 
  •  Random Person: "All that hair clogging up the bathtub drain!" (My response: Okay, this one's me, not a Random Person. No one's actually ever said this, I just think it a lot. I've got no real answer for it yet.) 

 So, rather than think of the negative (which may be typical for me), I prefer to think positively about my life situation. Here are some ways I lucked out by having all girls: 
  • When they have to go to the bathroom away from home, my wife takes them. (If there's a family bathroom, like at Target, okay, maybe I will. But NO WAY will I take them in a men's restroom if I can help it. Please, people. Disgusting.
  • The puberty talk? Wife will handle that, no prob.
  • Birds & Bees talk? Ditto.
  • Right now, they generally all think I'm pretty cool, and some have even said they want to marry me. (I'm not kidding myself, I know this will fade, and fade QUICKLY when it does.)
  • I was a young boy once, and I feel like girls are less destructive, which means less home fix-it projects for me! (I once fell down the steps and went through the wall in my house when I was a kid.)
  • More baked goods. My wife makes a lot of great stuff now, but I can already see how that will probably increase. They already want to make cookies and cakes on their own and they are still just little!  (But I have to say that the Easy Bake Oven mixes aren't the tastiest things out there.)
I'm sure there are more reasons than this, but I'm under a time crunch here.  And also, see? I can be optimistic after all. My wife would say that's progress.

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  1. I had all girls - and I have two brothers and can I just say - thank God for girls! I love it and so does my hubby.