Monday, September 8, 2014

When You Want to Complain, But...

It's hard to find things to write about here on the blog sometimes.

I want to be real, of course. What's the point of writing if I'm not?

But sometimes I can't be too real... does that make sense?

It's sort of like when people ask how I'm doing or how things are going. I mean, we all know that you can't really start having a venting session or something like that. The cashier at the grocery store would really have a story to tell if you did that one day.

And I'm not saying that we should stop with the "how are things going" greeting. We all know that it's just a friendly question meant to be answered with a polite "doing well, thanks." And maybe even a throwback "how about yourself?"  It's socially acceptable and perfectly fine.

I remember people in college going on and on about how we shouldn't ask the question if we didn't want to really, really know how the person was really, really doing.

I disagree. Can't we just be politely disinterested, but act like we're not?

I mean, should we always be completely honest? Maybe we are if we are saying we are doing great, or fine, or well, or okay, or hanging in there. Maybe we're not really these things but we don't want to complain. After all, not everyone wants to hear about the woes of my life. Maybe my woes aren't that bad compared to their woes. Maybe they are the ones who really need to vent or complain because something truly horrible just happened to them or someone they loved. Maybe they are holding it in, so I should too.

Just some thoughts. But back to the blog.

Sometimes life may feel a little crappy. And venting and complaining seems like the thing to do. Giving in to my emotions can be easy. Plus, trying to write something funny or witty or meaningful is actually very difficult when you don't feel happy or philosophical. Trust me, I've tried.

But what if I just give in and lay everything that I'm feeling and thinking and fearing out in a blog post? After all, this is my (very) little corner of the internet... what is the big deal?

Oh, I'd regret it. Kind of the way everyone does who has an adult temper tantrum does.  So, I suck it up and keep going. It's just a moment and just a feeling and I just try to remember that.

So how are things going today?  Great, folks!  Just great.

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