Friday, September 5, 2014

A Common Refrain

Yesterday, the blog post did not happen. It's interesting how I was busy the whole day. And my wife, too. Because sometimes she'll guest post when I get swamped. But she was swamped too, at work, and getting ready for the yard sale we're having today and tomorrow at my Mom's house.

So, no post. But here I am today. Posting.

Here goes...

Last night I was at my Writer's Group and we were talking about what we like to read.  I mentioned that I like reading things that I don't experience everyday. For example, anything emotional or melodramatic with a lot of crying.

Because that's what I have to deal with a lot. Crying. Lots and lots of crying.

"Stop crying" I find myself saying every day, sometimes many times a day.

"Pick up your room," I say.  Crying.

"Get dressed," I say.  Crying.

"Go outside and play," I say.  Crying.

"Eat your vegetables," I say.  Crying.

It reminds me of what happened last week. Belle, our second oldest, wiped a little bit of ice cream on Katie's leg (our oldest). She ran to the bathroom tub, violently turned on the faucet, grabbed a washcloth, and wiped furiously. There was soooo much crying.

All I could say was, "Why are you crying? Stop crying! It's okay."

Of course, I had to chastise Belle. "Please don't wipe ice cream on your sister's leg." She looked at me with a grin.

There's too much emotion. Hold some of it in, please.

The other night, my wife had to chastise our oldest, Katie. I don't remember what Liz said, but I seem to remember her being slightly animated as she was telling Katie something. Then, Katie, with absolutely no sense of irony, whirled around and yelled in a wild fashion, "Mommmmm, you're being sooooooo dramaaaatic" with tons of italics and exclamation points and drawing out of her words and even some arm and body flailing.

It was funny. And, like the unsympathetic parents we are... we laughed. Loudly. With feeling.

Katie laughed too. And, for once, there was no crying.

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