Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11 - A Guest Post

Liz here... taking over Scott's blog for the day.  His day was super busy, as he cleaned the kitchen, (including doing a mountain of dishes), put away many loads of laundry, and picked up the house.  All this in addition to schooling the children!  So, the blog post just didn't happen.

He left as soon as I got home to go to writer's group and then he's going out to work on his book edits.

One of the reasons why he didn't have time to blog was that he spent a while talking about September 11 with the girls. They looked up youtube videos of that morning and watched portions of a History channel documentary about it.

Talking to the girls about it was good.  They didn't really understand why someone would want to hurt people that were innocent. They asked if there were kids that were killed, we said yes. They wanted to know if the people on the planes were killed.  Yes, they were.

They sort of put the pieces together as to why some of their friends' parents had to go fight in a war.  They were glad to know that we caught the Bad Guy that orchestrated it, but they were sad when we told them there are more Bad Guys out there.

They liked hearing about the people on the flight that fought back and sacrificed their lives for others, people they didn't even know.

The conversation will continue about this, I know. Meanwhile, their lives go on.  They are playing outside right now as I write, I can see them from the window.  Laughing, running around, riding their bikes.

I took a picture of the sunflowers in our yard, because sometimes, I have to remember that even with all the bad in the world, there is still good. And sometimes you have to fight for it.


  1. Beautiful comments - a memorable day for the girls!

  2. I'm so glad you guys take the time to share that tragic day with your girls. you wouldn't believe the youn people that have no idea. And yes, as Samwise Gamgee said, we have to hang on to what is good in this world and remind ourselves that it still exists