Friday, August 8, 2014

Teaching My Girls To Play Baseball

This week I've been working on teaching my girls to play baseball... or softball... or whatever. Basically, I want them to know how to hit and throw a ball.

So, this is really funny sometimes because they are such.... little girls.

I mean, they don't really care that much, although when they actually hit the ball, they are thrilled and do a lot of squealing and shrieking (especially those times when they pummel it right at me and hit me). They laugh a lot… and talk a lot.

Unfortunately, they don't listen when I tell them what to do half the time.

And they twirl a lot when they swing.

There's really no other point to this blog post except to say that it can be frustrating for me to teach them this. But I do it. Why? Well, it's good for them to know, and… they do like it right now.  Plus, one of them may decide she likes it enough to want to play Little League.

It also allows me to pour into them a part of me. 

And, when they get older, we may need them for our church softball team.  The league requires that we have females play on the team, and sometimes it's hard to find women who want to play.  I'm thinking that in several years, we can play together and have it be a "Father/Daughter" thing.

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