Thursday, May 29, 2014

Four Daughters

Pre-blog reading disclaimer: I know there are many athletic girls out there who love sports, but apparently our oldest is not one of those girls. Here's a conversation she and my wife recently had as we were prepping to go on a picnic. 

Wife: Why don't you bring a ball? Go get one and throw it in the van. 

Oldest: Why? 

Wife: What do you mean? 

Oldest: Why would we bring a ball? 

Wife: To play with. You know, like kick ball, soccer, something like that. 

Oldest: <blank look> 

Wife: So, I'm guessing you don't want to bring a ball. 

Oldest: No thanks. 

Wife: You're not going to want to throw a ball around? 

Oldest: No. Where's the jump rope? 

So, jump rope it was.

They could swing for hours (and no, we don't make them wear helmets while they do)
I write this because on Saturday, I participated in a church softball game, and I realized that it had been a long, long time since I had done anything remotely group sport oriented. And I was thinking that if I had four boys and not four girls, this probably would not be the case. Because although there are many boys who don't really like to play sports, the majority of them seem to. I know my brother and I did when we were young.

Now, since I homeschool, I have spent hours teaching the girls how to play kickball and baseball and soccer (for P.E.), but let's face it, I don't have a girl (yet) who has expressed real interest in playing competitive sports (unless running around is considered one.)

They loved me bonking them with the noodle.
Maybe the younger two will be different, but who knows. It doesn't really matter in the long run, but I just thought that it was interesting.

I feel like I've let the sports-loving person in me lapse over the years. My mediocre performance at the church softball game and my aching legs the day after prove this. 

What's my take-away? I think I'm going to start making my excuse for things a little more specific. For example: 

Me: (hitting a pop fly at church softball game) I have four girls! 

Me: (to not knowing the Mets record) I have four girls! 

Me: (to not knowing the names of the Cars characters, but remembering all of the My Little Pony character's names) I have four girls! 

Anyway, you get the point. 

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