Friday, May 30, 2014

"Are you going to try for a boy?"

"Are you going to try for a boy?" 

This, by far, is one of the most common questions my wife and I get when we mention to someone that we have four daughters. This is understandable. People who have four boys probably get asked about "trying for a girl" also.

(SIDENOTE: I'm not the type to get offended or make a list of what people can or cannot ask me, e.g. 10 things not to say to a father of four girls or 5 Things to say to a SAHD.)  

Now, this is not going to be a blog post about fertility or ovulation timing or the Chinese calendar, or all those other things that probably my wife can pontificate on, but I really don't care about.  

The main fact that I want to point out is how silly it seems to be to "try" for something that ultimately is totally out of your control. I mean, "trying" for a baby, in general, I can understand. You obviously have to do your part on that (but even then, and sometimes for inexplicable reasons, it may not happen). 

So, I know that there are things you can do to "improve your chances" of having a particular gender (frankly, I don't really buy into them, that's just me), but in the end, it's kind of just up to God. 

So, my answer to this question is always, No. No, we are not going to "try" for a boy. That would be foolhardy on my end and probably just lead to disappointment when we would (inevitably) have a girl.  

I am happy with the four girls that we have. They are cute and fun and make our lives meaningful, sometimes stressful, and definitely not boring. I honestly don't regret not having a boy - it obviously wasn't meant to be.

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