Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Father... Another Name For Provider

Being a SAHD can be an isolating journey. Many people have their own perceptions on what I do or why I do it, and most of them are probably wrong. I've often heard this phrase: "Husbands/fathers should be the provider of the family." 

I wholeheartedly agree... just not in the way others may believe or that sentence implies.

A father is a provider. 

I'm also a firestarter... the non-horror movie kind

If the family needs a cook, he is to cook; if it needs a handyman, he is to fix things; if it needs a dishwasher, he is to wash the dishes; if it needs a hairbrusher, he is to brush hair; if it needs a defender, he is to defend; if it needs financial support, he is to work; if it needs him to stay-at-home, he is to stay at home. 

If it needs the lawn mowed, he is a lawnmower... man... I guess.
That is what a father does. He provides. He is to provide whatever the family needs. 

Just as Mom is to be the model woman in the family, Dad is to be the model man (unfortunately, I often fall short of that standard). Though I would love to provide financially for my family, I am not a mere paycheck. I am more than that.

Sometimes, I am a giver of ice cream.

So... as I have worked in "a world of moms" for the past 9 years, I have come to this understanding - I am not a one-dimensional character that can only earn a living. I can build a family and take care of one as well. 

Why do I do it, you may ask.
Though it is none of your business, I will answer the question anyway. (Especially, since I am writing about it in an open forum making it somewhat your business.)

So, why do I stay at home? 

Because that is what my family needs of me.

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