Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Dad-Style

So, after I posted the Dad-Style blog post, I started noticing other Dad-Style things about our family.

  • Cleaning, Dad-Style - I'm the stay-at-home one (the SAHD), so it goes without saying that I clean more than my wife does. It's a matter of logistics... but it's also our personalities.  My wife is one of those cleaners who start cleaning the kitchen, put away a dish, realize the cabinet needs to be reorganized, and 30 minutes later, we have one organized cabinet, but still a sink full of dishes. When you have four kids, this kind of ADD Cleaning style can be debilitating. And overwhelming.  I don't clean like this. I have the opposite cleaning style - hyperdrive. It's speedy, efficient, and sometimes innocent things get wiped away in the process. If I'm picking up the living room, your half of a cup of lemonade is sometimes going to get tossed, even if you just poured it for yourself. Or, that "important" pile of papers might get thrown in the trash, so you better put it somewhere else!

Katie took a picture of this pile of "important" papers.
  • Movie Night, Dad-Style - It's going to be a Tolkien movie, or some kind of adventure fantasy.  When they're just with my wife, it's something like an American Girl movie, or The Parent Trap, or something like that. There's enough femininity in my family as it is. When I'm home and watching a movie, someone or something has to be in peril... and it can't be emotions.

This particular night was The Neverending Story

  • Grocery Shopping, Dad-Style - I like to get in, grab what I need for that moment, and run out. The whole shopping for a week or two is not for me. More than 20 minutes in a Super Walmart is way, way too long. Unless you're making a business deal inside there's no need for it to take that long. In fact, if I were the main grocery buyer in our house, the convenient store would be where I would shop. Though it's ten times more expensive, you save valuable minutes. Time is money... or something like that.

This outfit works for grocery shopping.

  • Decorating, Dad-Style - I collect Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Lego sets.  What else do you need? 


  1. Another favorite post. Extremely entertaining and so funny. I needed this laugh today. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post. Favorite line: "There's enough femininity in my family as it is.