Monday, July 14, 2014

Kid Conversations

These kinds of conversations make me laugh:

Belle (6 year old): Katie says that I hate her.

Me: You don’t hate her.

Belle: Yeah, just because I hit her and say mean things about her doesn’t mean I hate her.


Me:  (yelling at Caroline - the 3 year old as she’s about to go down the stairs to the basement to get a popsicle out of the chest freezer) You’re not getting a popsicle yet!

Caroline freezes at the door and points at me like she’s shooting me with her finger gun.  For at least 3 minutes.

(on the playground) Belle: All those little kids want to know my name!

Wife: Well, did you tell them?

Belle: No! I want to keep family private.

Wife: Well.... okay.

Belle: I don't really want to be famous with a bunch of little kids.


Katie (9 year old): I hate this school work, I wish I was in first grade. 

Me: You acted the same way in first grade about your work. 

Katie: I hate being in the future.


And, so we don't leave the baby out...

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